Saturday, March 13, 2010

Updating the Site

For those of you who don't run a site on Blogger, and maybe even some of you that do, Blogger added the ability to have multiple pages on your blog earlier this year.  So I am working on adding some pages to enhance the site a bit.  The first update...a submission page.

Pages can be reached through some links found underneath the title banner.  Right now, you'll see two pages listed for the Creative Caches & Containers site: Home and Submit a Creative Cache Idea.  Home will obviously take you to the main page for the site, but what about the Submit page?

One of the ways I hope to keep this site going is through reader submissions.  You can submit creative hides, creative containers, even already established creative caches all provide me with a larger pool of ideas to post about.  Several of the articles posted on the site to this date were ideas submitted to us.  With this new page, I've made it even easier to submit your ideas.  The new page is set up with a submission form through which you can submit an idea.  Fill out the form (GC Code optional) with a brief description of your idea and why it is creative, then hit submit.  Once that button is hit, an e-mail will be sent to me with your idea.  I'll try to get back to you within a few days with any questions I might have.  Then I can work on adding it to our lineup of future posts. 

And don't forgot about already established caches.  Maybe you've seen a cache that really stood out as interesting.  Well, send those in too.  With the provided GC Code, I can look at the cache page and contact the owner about featuring their cache on the site.

So keep those ideas coming.

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