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Do you have an idea for a creative cache design?  Would you be willing to share it?  Here at Creative Caches & Containers, reader submissions are not only welcome, but encouraged.  I know that plenty of geocachers have visited, thought of, or even built some really creative caches and we want to hear about them.  You can submit anything from an idea to full fledged designs and receive credit if the idea is used.  The more submissions you all make, the better I can build up this site with ideas for other cachers looking for something more creative to build.  Have some photos of creative caches to go along with the ideas?  Mention that and you may find your photos used in an upcoming post.  And don't forgot creative methods for hiding caches as well.  Those are also valuable.

I am also looking to highlight creative caches that others have created. If there is a creative cache that you've visited, submit it as well, along with why you feel it is a creative cache. Please include the Geocache Code so that I can check it out (and contact the owner about using their idea).

Fill out the form below and you'll be contacted within a few days.  Be sure to mention if you have an idea, design plans, photos, or any combination of the three.  If you have design plans, you might be invited to be a guest writer for the site.

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I can't wait to hear what you have to offer,