Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Pen is Mightier Cache

While caching, you'll eventually run into a cache design that you hadn't thought of before.  This design is exactly one of those caches.  I ran into it a while back while traveling.

Materials Needed:
  • A pen with a clear casing
  • Logsheet
The most important aspect of this design is having a certain type of pen.  The pen must be designed such that there is a clear casing somewhere in the design.  A clear casing that would allow you to see the inside of the pen.  Well, this isn't a necessity as you could probably design this without such a particular type of pen, but for the purposes of this design, it should be clear.

Open the pen up.  Carefully roll a logsheet around the ink holder and slide the whole setup back into the pen.  Make sure the logsheet is positioned so it is visible through the clear part of the pen casing.  Then seal it back up.

Why leave the ink part inside?  Why not?  You can quite honestly say that you don't need to bring a pen to the cache, even if it is a micro. 

This is a quick, cheap micro cache design.  Make sure you have some spares for future maintenance and have fun as people log their surprise at this different design.


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